easyFBT 2015 (updated: April 2015)

April 2015 Release

The following changes and enhancements are included in the April 2015 release of easyFBT 2015 (2015.1.0.5).  Note: this release update is mandatory for existing users of easyFBT 2015.

Enhancements and other changes

Standard Business Reporting (SBR) Online Lodgement

This release introduces the SBR online lodgement feature into easyFBT.  Using the new SBR Interactions Manager you can generate and review all interactions with the SBR web services.  You can view all generated log files and display all lodged data on the paper form for each interaction.  The new SBR Interaction Wizard will guide you through the process of completing a Prelodge or Lodge interaction using the SBR web services.

Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) Return 2015 form

The ATO Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) Return 2015 form has been added to this version and can be produced as a paper form for manual lodgement with the ATO as per prior years.


  • Fixed an issue in the Living Away From Home (LAFHA) workpaper where if the Food Component Fully Substantiated? field was set as No but the user did not enter an Unsubstantiated Food Component amount then this would result in an incorrect calculation of the Exempt Food ComponentIf this rare scenario applies then after applying this update it is recommended that you either recalculate the LAFHA workpaper or enter the appropriate information into the Unsubstantiated Food Component field.
  • Fixed an issue in the Rollover Wizard where under certain conditions the Car Workaper would generate an exception error and the rollover would fail.



February 2015 Release

The following changes and enhancements are included in the February 2015 release of easyFBT 2015 (2015.1.0.4).  Note: this release update is not mandatory for existing users of easyFBT 2015 (note: we are still awaiting finalisation of the printed form and authorisation to allow SBR lodgement - a further release is scheduled once these tasks have been completed).

Enhancements and other changes

Support Options

We have consolidated the support options (from the Help menu) into a single dialog giving clearer reference to the available options (such as logging a support ticket, viewing the community forums and downloading product guides).

Form and Schedule Validations

Further work has been done 'under the hood' to further integrate the Form and Schedule validations into the upcoming changes for SBR lodgement allowing greater flexibility around calling and using this information.  Results of the validation are now filtered to show specific errors and warnings and users will now also be able to open the log at any time regardless of the results.

The validation log table formatting has been updated to take up less space and should now fit onto one page.


  • Updated how the Entity and Data Source Management dialogs displays the unlicenced item notes as the previous enhancements to these panels caused the System Manager to not refresh correctly. 



December 2014 Release

The following changes and enhancements are included in the December 2014 release of easyFBT 2015 (2015.1.0.2).  Note: this release update is not mandatory for existing users of easyFBT 2015.

Enhancements and other changes

RFBA Employee Letter Wizard (formally Documents and Letters Wizard)

We have renamed this wizard to better reflect its actual function more clearly.  We have also added the ability for you to define how the Benefit Table displays in your document from within the wizard.  Where the <BenefitTable> tag (or other previous table tags) is found within your document template you will be prompted to determine how your table is displayed (detailed or summary), the visible columns (and order of inclusion) as well as other options such as including a total row and removing benefits where the Taxable Value is zero.

An additional new setting here allows you to also remove benefits from the Benefit Table where the RFBA is zero.  Note: with this feature enabled the Taxable Value total may not reconcile to the Total Taxable Value of Benefits Provided on the total row. (user request)

Employee Workpaper (changing default cost centres)

When changing the Default Cost Centre or Default Sub Cost Centre entries for an employee within the Employee workpaper you will now be asked whether you want to make this change across all existing benefits for this employee also.  This feature has also been added to the Import Data Wizard where you will be given the choice of implementing this change when doing an update import into the Employee workpaper. (user request) 

On-Screen Reports

The search box in all On-Screen Reports now keeps focus once the report has been compiled and displayed allowing you to further refine the search condition without having to re-select the search box. (user request)

Flagged by Workpaper Report

We have additionally added the Cost Centre and Location workpapers to the Flagged by Workpaper report which will now cover the entire list of workpapers in easyFBT.

Fringe Benefits Tax Return Lodgement (formally Forms and Schedules) section in Workflow Manager

As part of implementing the ATO SBR On-Line lodgement process into easyFBT, we have renamed this section.  We have also renamed the link to display the Fringe Benefit Tax Return form (PDF) to Paper Form.  Further changes will be made once the SBR process has been completed in the final release of easyFBT 2015.

Displaying the Fringe Benefits Tax Return paper form

Adobe introduced their enhanced security into Adobe Acrobat Reader from v9.3.2 onwards which meant that on the initial opening of the FBT PDF form a yellow security warning message is displayed at the top of the FBT form (ie. 'Data from this site is blocked to avoid potential security risks.  Use the Options button to trust this document once or always').  The consequence of this message is that the form is NOT pre-filled until this message is acted upon. A number of users are not seeing this message immediately and believe the form to be empty and not working. 

We have now identified how we can work around this issue to ensure data is populated into the form automatically in this release.  Note: This fix will work for users using recent versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader only (i.e. v9, 10 and 11 currently).


  • Fixed an issue on export of multi-tab workpapers to Microsoft Excel where under certain scenarios all available worksheets were not exported if the Multiple-Drivers tab was not being shown.
  • Fixed an issue in read-only mode where certain changes made by the user in edit mode were not reflected in read-only mode when the workpaper was refreshed.



September 2014 Release

The following changes and enhancements have been made in the September 2014 release of easyFBT 2015 (2015.1.0.1):

Standard Business Reporting (SBR) Online Lodgement

The ATO's SBR Online Lodgement system will be incorporated into the final release of easyFBT 2015.  With this new functionality coming soon we have made a number of internal changes within the product to facilitate a smooth introduction of this feature.  Whilst most changes are not visible (at this stage) you will see some changes noted below.

Enhancements and other changes

Start-up and general product performance

We received some feedback that the start-up performance (particularly) can take some time to display the initial splash screen. We have completed a performance analysis and have made some changes to the program to ensure that this process is faster.  Also, a few other areas have been upgraded to provide snappier performance within the product.  We'll continue to work on this optimisation during the year to ensure that easyFBT continues to provide a great user experience.  Along with the changes made last year to improved importing and workpaper opening speeds we know that the product will now work much faster on most computers ranging from desktops to laptops and ultrabooks. 

DPI and font size

easyFBT is now compatible with your chosen Microsoft Windows desktop DPI (dots per inch) and font size settings (100%, 125% or 150% scaling). All dialogs and features have been reviewed to ensure information is appropriately laid-out and displayed regardless of these settings. (user request)


The Rollover Entity Wizard has been updated with the following enhancements:

  • Added the Board workpaper to the list of available workpapers to rollover (determination of rollover is based on the Date Benefit Ended as per other ongoing benefits such as Car Parking and Housing).
  • Added the ability to rollover the status of Flagged rows.
  • Updated the Preliminary rollover to cater for the new Country and Title lists required for SBR electronic lodgement functionality.  Based on your existing entries in easyFBT 2014 we attempt to match these items .  Note: Where a match isn't found we will clear the entry and you will then need to reselect the correct item manually.


The following changes have been made:

  • Added the Apply Minor Benefit Exemption? into the Car (Vehicles) and Residual Non-Car (Vehicles) tabs. (user request)
  • Added a Salary Sacrificed Benefit? question into various workpapers that cater for In-House benefits and the new rules relating to salary sacrificed In-House benefits.  Please refer to the Workpaper Column Help for further guidance on this new column. (user request)
  • In the Car (Vehicles) workpaper, the Cost of Vehicle entries have been changed to provided a single entry under Cost of Vehicle (GST Incl.) which will default to the value entered for the Base Value of Car (GST Incl.) for Owned cars. If required, users will be able to manually override this entry. Please refer to the Workpaper Column Help for further guidance on this new column.
  • Car Parking benefits now require the Date From and Date To fields to be completed.  Benefits will be automatically provided with the appropriate dates when a new benefit row is entered.
  • Renamed the Non-Employees Exemption (to Non-Employees Reduction) and Non-Employees Exemption Pecentage (to Non-Employees Reduction Percentage) columns in the Entertainment (Actual), Income Tax Exempt Body Entertainment (All) and Income Tax Exempt Body Entertainment (Actual) workpapers to better reflect the legislation wording.
  • You can now copy workpaper benefit information with the associated column header included using the CTRL+Shift+C keyboard shortcut (also available from the Standard toolbar, workpaper pop-up right-click menu or Edit menu bar).  This will make it easier to paste and review information in Microsoft Excel. (user request)

Preliminary: FBT form

Changes to the Preliminary: FBT form have been made to cater for the upcoming SBR Online lodgement functionality.  Changes include:

  • The Country and Other Title items have been changed to drop-down selector lists rather than free entry.
  • Selection of Tax Agent and Employer declaration dates have been changed to Date selectors rather than free entry.
  • Added some additional Tax Agent fields for entering a contact phone number and client reference.

Workpaper Import

For Standard importing, the Flagged status for each row can now be set during import for each workpaper.

General changes

As with each FBT year rates and other values are required to be updated.  The following changes have been made for the 2015 FBT year:

  • Updated FBT rate to 47%
  • Update Type 1 (2.0802), Type 2 (1.8868) and RFBA (1.8868) gross up rates.
  • Updated the Car Parking public holidays table with the 2014/15 state gazetted public holidays.
  • Updated Indexation rates for Housing.
  • Updated Cents per Km rates for Residual Non-Cars.
  • Updated LAFHA country codes and rates.


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